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Homo Habilis, Cro-Magnon, Neandertal, these are some of the forms early man took.  Some scientists believe that man in some form began about 3 million years ago.  Unlike what the movies show, Early man did not live at the same time as the dinosaurs.  Dinosaurs died out about 65 million years ago.

In your study of early man there are going to be many new terms and words for you to learn.  Here are four very important vocabulary words to start you out.

  • Hominids is a kind of slang term among scientists.  It means mankind and anything that looks and acts like mankind.

  • Fossils are remains of living things (plants, animals, people) that have been turned into stone or have left an impression in the stone.  Anything that man has made is not a fossil.

  • Artifacts are remains of things that were made, not remains of living things.

  • Hunter/gatherer refers to how a group of people get their food.  They find it growing wild or hunt and fish for it.  They do not grow any food.

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