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Early Humans for Kids
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Learning Modules (Donns)

The Life & Times of Early Man

Early Humans (Lucy, Neanderthals, Cro-Magnon and more!)

Cave Paintings & Rock Art

Early Humans Q&A Quiz Interactive

Lesson Plans, Units, Activities

Teaching the 5 Themes of Geography Using Early Man

Ice Age Hunters Land Bridge and Woolly Mammoths UNIT

Geography and the Early Peoples of the Western Hemisphere

Ancient History Lesson Ideas: Early Man (Donn)

The First Humans - Leakey and Lucy

Early Man in North American UNIT

The Impact of Geography on Early Humans

Drama: A Play for the Classroom: The Discovery of FIRE!

Fossils & Early Migration Patterns in Early Hominids

Human Migrations

Secrets of the Dead

Art From Long Ago - Prehistoric Cave Paintings

Cave Art - Discovering Prehistoric Humans through Pictures | EDSITEment

Cave Art (lesson) & Cave Paintings

SENSI Lesson List - Evolution & Charles Darwin


Early Human Societies (Early Man)

Science Safari - First People

Early Man Crossword Puzzle, interactive

Early Man Unit - Flash cards (key points)

Early Humans - 7th grade

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Science Lesson Plans for Fossils & Evolution

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Free Early Humans Games

Free Early Man Clipart

Free Presentations in PowerPoint format

Free Video Clips about Early Man

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