The Life and Time of Early Man - Early Humans for Kids and Teachers Illustration

The Life and Times of Early Man

Very early humans probably ate mostly plants, fruit, nuts and roots that they found.  Any meat they got was by scavenging after other animals. Early humans did not have strong claws to help them him fight. They could not outrun saber-toothed tigers or cave lions. Early humans had to get smart to survive. They had to use reason and invention.

For Kids

Introduction - Four Important Definitions You'll Need

Back in time, 3 million years ago


The Stone Age

Handy Man - Stone Age (Stone Tools)

Upright Man - Made and controlled fire & learned to cook food


Ice Age




Cro-Magnon Man

Cave Paintings


What does it take for a group of people to become a civilization?

Investigate Real Life Artifacts

Take the Quiz! Interactive quiz on Early Humans

Timeline Interactive

For Teachers

Lesson Plans about Early Humans

Early Humans - Activities and Projects for the Classroom - Activities for cave art, eras, hunts, fire, tools, and more

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