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For Early Humans: These are original Free Use lesson plans, classroom activities, interactive activities, review activities, and concluding activities and projects written by us and by other teachers for early humans.

Cave Painting for the Classroom:

  • Paper bags (1 or 2 per student)

  • Charcoal or chalk

  • Tape

Preparation: Day before this class activity. Tell the students if they have a small flashlight they can bring it in.

Have the students wad up a paper bag and tape it to the bottom of their desk. (Wadding the bag will give the surface a rough feel, like a cave wall.) Darken the room. Have the students crawl under table and chairs to their desks. Then have them draw on the paper bags (by flashlight) local animals. Some will forget to bring a light, or their flashlight will be too bright. Those students must work by feel in the dark. Submitted by: Lin Donn

Daily Life: Have each student write their own story about a day in Homo Erectus or Cro-Magnon prehistoric times. Their story must be at least 3 paragraphs long. They will write as if they were telling about their own life over the course of one day. They can work alone or in small groups. When working in groups, each student must turn in their own original work, but students stories must mesh and intertwine. When working in groups, students are encouraged to know each in prehistoric times. The Life & Times of Early Man.

Early Humans:
Individual Projects: Submitted by: Barbara D Martin, California, USA
During our study of early man, you will be required to complete 3 of the following 10 projects. You will be evaluated on neatness, completeness, and whether you worked at doing your personal best.

  1. Make a diagram or model of a Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon dwelling or community.

  2. Draw a detailed map showing the location where bones or remnants of early men have been found.

  3. Do some research on arthritis, a disease found in the bones of some early men, and also present today. What is it? What causes it? Why do you think it might have developed in some early men? If you can, interview someone you know who has it. How has it affected their lives? How might it have affected the life of early man?

  4. Do research on glaciers and the ice ages. What are glaciers? What causes them? What caused the ice ages?

  5. Write a mini report on Lucy, including drawings on who, what, when, where, why and how.

  6. Write the definitions for all of the following terms. band, hunter-gatherer, glacier, technology, agriculture, civilization, domesticate, environment, famine, irrigation, self-sufficient, shrine, surplus

  7. Draw a picture chart showing various elements of a city.

  8. Pretend you have traveled back in time approximately 35,000 years. Write a letter to a family member or friend who lives today. Describe to this person what kind of experiences you are having. Be as factual as possible, but be creative and use good descriptive words, including sounds, sights, smells, etc.

  9. Make a coil clay pot.

  10. Write a short report on how fires were made and controlled by early man. Illustrations are required for this.

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